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  • Grande Entrevista com Jo�o Joman� Nunes

    Grande Entrevista com Jo�o Joman� Nunes

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    coments 2009/08/23 a las 11:56:10 enviado por .
    coments 2012/06/03 a las 10:16:34 enviado por tDJuSvYKzFfZhsJWb.
    Yes, in IRL no one but no one would disagree with your oopinin. Much too scary, and dangerous to have an idea different than yours. Yeah. But it's not about being rational that has me say he's a pussy, it is his continual whining, I don't know. I don't like it. I don't like it. shit over and over so Fuck yes odds are not in your favor, in the long run, it's called GAMBLING. And stepping on someone who's been losing is a dogshit move. I don't like the guy. Okay?
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